WATCH : Jaiswal innovative shot from Lagaan leaves fans in nostalgia


The Rajasthan Royals versus Punjab Kings match was poised to be a thrilling encounter, with the visitors needing 39 runs from the remaining four overs.

Yashasvi Jaiswal, who had scored a half-century, captivated the audience with a shot that reminded fans of the iconic Hindi movie, Lagaan.

In the 13th over, bowled by Nathan Ellis, a short delivery was sent down on the last ball. Yashasvi Jaiswal, standing at the striker’s end, opted for an unorthodox approach. He skillfully shuffled to the side and elegantly scooped the ball behind the wickets.

The shot was exquisitely executed, sending the ball racing towards the boundary for four runs. Although highly unconventional, the shot bore an uncanny resemblance to Guran from Lagaan, who would tap the ball before striking it with force.

The Twitterati also experienced a wave of nostalgia as they shared their sentiments, taking a delightful trip down memory lane to the beloved film.


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