WATCH : Kusal Mendis pulls off MS Dhoni-esque run-out to dismiss Samarakoon


As the fourth edition of the Lanka Premier League gains momentum, cricket enthusiasts are treated to captivating displays of skill. On Friday, the clash between Galle Titans and Dambulla Aura unfolded, concluding with a victory for the latter.

The standout performer with the bat was Avishka Fernando, who notched up a half-century. However, Kusal Mendis stole the limelight with a moment of brilliance that etched itself into the highlight reel. Initiating proceedings, Galle Titans took the batting helm.

In the final over of the innings, Binura Fernando assumed the role of the bowler. Lahiru Samarakoon faced the first delivery of the over and elegantly directed a full-toss towards square leg. The ball’s trajectory fell short, merely reaching the outer edge of the 30-yard circle.

This prompted both batsmen to seize the opportunity for a double run. Exploiting the fielder’s errant throw, which veered far from the stumps, their endeavor seemed promising. However, it was Kusal Mendis’ astute awareness that outsmarted the batsman.

In a remarkable feat, Kusal intercepted the off-target throw before it could reach the stumps. Swiftly, he deftly redirected the ball onto the wicket. The impact shattered the bails, and subsequent replay scrutiny affirmed that the batsman had fallen short of his crease. Online observers were quick to take note of this captivating incident, showering the Sri Lankan wicketkeeper with well-deserved admiration.


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