Ollie Robinson parts ways with fiance and mother of his child two months before wedding


England’s fast bowler, Ollie Robinson, has once again captured attention, this time not on the cricket field but off it. He and his fiancée, Lauren Rose Pullen, have parted ways merely two months prior to their scheduled wedding. The couple, known to have been in a relationship for the past eight years, share a two-year-old daughter named Sienna.

Their impending October wedding has taken an unexpected turn, with reports indicating that Ollie Robinson unexpectedly departed from his partner and child during the recently concluded Ashes series. As per recent reports, Robinson is now romantically linked with influencer Mia Baker.

Mia boasts a significant following on social media due to her efforts in promoting golf to the younger generation and enjoys sponsorships from notable brands in the sport. According to an insider cited by the Daily Mail:

“Lauren is grappling with deep heartbreak and profound devastation. She was on the brink of marrying the man she loved and embarking on a lifelong journey with him. Suddenly, he leaves, and she learns about his involvement with someone else.”

The source went on to mention that speculation about Robinson’s involvement with Baker started circulating when England team members spotted her at the team hotel during the Ashes series.

“While we had initially received invitations to their wedding, in late July we were informed of its cancellation. Subsequently, some of the England team witnessed Ollie in the company of Mia. Many of us, both within the team and beyond, are dismayed by his actions. We believed he had finally settled into a family-oriented life, given his apparent happiness with Lauren and their child. But his recent behavior raises questions about his character, particularly his decision to walk away from his family like this.”


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