WATCH : Nitish Rana and Dhruv Shorey set to leave Delhi Cricket


In a recent turn of events, Delhi Cricket has been surprised by the news that both Nitish Rana and Dhruv Shorey are planning to relocate for the upcoming season. As per a CricketNext report, both players have requested a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the association. The report indicates that their dissatisfaction with the trajectory of their careers prompted them to formally communicate their intentions.

During the Ranji Trophy, Rana scored innings of 11 and an unbeaten 6 against Mumbai before removing himself from consideration for the previous season’s fixture against Hyderabad.

According to a source close to the situation, “Nitish Rana was considering other options after the conclusion of the last season. He was not content with how he was dropped midway through the previous season and was exploring alternatives. He made a return for the Mumbai game but opted out of the Hyderabad match.”

“Regarding Dhruv, he had been a valuable asset for red-ball cricket in Delhi but was unsatisfied with the opportunities in shorter formats. He expressed a desire to focus on white-ball cricket.”

Shorey’s most recent appearance in Delhi’s shorter format was in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, but his inclusion in the squad has been inconsistent. The DDCA had recently announced the lineup for the Buchi Babu tournament, including both players in leadership plans. However, the duo has now decided to part ways with the team.


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