WATCH : Panic, Kicks, Frustration! Terrible Mix-up Helps Batter Survive Run Out


In addition to the captivating on-field action, the European Cricket League (ECS) consistently delivers moments that are truly unique. A recent incident during the ECS Switzerland T10 perfectly exemplifies this phenomenon.

In a match between Zurich Lions and St Gallen Cricket Club, a batsman experienced a stroke of luck when the bowler missed a straightforward run-out opportunity from close quarters. This incident highlights the unusual events that often occur in ECS matches.

During the game, Zurich’s Ankush Lal attempted to steal a single while the opposing players were vigorously appealing for an LBW decision. The bowler, Hekmatullah Khogiani, had a prime chance to run Lal out as he ventured out of his crease in a moment of panic.

However, Khogiani himself became flustered and hastily under-armed the ball away from the stumps. His visible frustration was evident as he nearly kicked the stumps in irritation after letting go of a simple run-out opportunity.

ECS shared the video of this comical sequence on their official platform, which was previously known as Twitter (now referred to as X). ECS captioned the video with the phrase, “When two players panic at once, this is the result.” Unsurprisingly, this incident has rapidly spread across social media platforms, becoming a viral sensation.

Regarding the match itself, St Gallen emerged victorious by a margin of 20 runs. Zurich Lions chose to field first at the Stadiom Grundenmoos. Sher Muhammad’s impressive half-century (66) coupled with a brisk 38-run performance from Musa Ahmadzai propelled the hosts to a total of 125/6 in 10 overs.

In response, Ashwin Prakash put up a valiant effort, amassing 45 runs before being dismissed. Ultimately, the visitors were limited to a total of 105/6 as St Gallen secured the win.


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