WATCH : Peter Handscomb’s Unbelievable Catch Leaves Shreyas Iyer Stunned

During Day 2 of the India vs. Australia second Test match in New Delhi, Peter Handscomb executed a magnificent catch, resulting in Shreyas Iyer’s early dismissal. Australia’s spinner Nathan Lyon was the standout player, taking four wickets in the first session, one of which was Iyer’s.

The delivery from Lyon cramped Iyer for room, causing the ball to fly from the inside edge. Handscomb, positioned at short leg, initially failed to collect the ball cleanly but remained composed and secured the catch on his second attempt, dealing a significant blow to the home team.

During India’s second Test against Australia, KL Rahul continued to struggle as premier Australian spinner Nathan Lyon reduced India to 88 for four at lunch. Only skipper Rohit Sharma showed any real form, with vintage Lyon causing trouble for the top-order repeatedly, taking four wickets for just 25 runs in his first 11 overs. The pitch at Kotla had more pace compared to Jamtha, with Lyon’s deliveries at times hurrying the batters. Additionally, giving a bit more air created doubts in the minds of the batters.

Rahul was trapped leg-before after surviving two DRS appeals, with Lyon tossing one from round the wicket that deviated enough to find his pads. Meanwhile, Pujara had a forgettable first innings outing in his 100th Test, failing to bother the scorers. The crowd chanted Pujara’s name as he walked into bat, but the milestone match turned out to be some sort of an anti-climax. In Pujara’s case, another flighted delivery from Lyon turned back enough for the umpire to raise his dreaded finger.

Shreyas Iyer looked confident during his brief stay at the crease, but a stroke of bad luck brought about his downfall. He played one of his legs towards the leg-side, and Peter Handscomb caught a reflex catch. Although Handscomb fumbled, the ball simply stuck between his legs, resulting in Iyer’s dismissal. At the break, Ravindra Jadeja, one of India’s best Test batters in recent years, was at the crease along with Virat Kohli.

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