WATCH : Rohit Sharma forgetting coin in pocket amidst Nassau showdown


Interest in the 2024 T20 World Cup among major cricket fans remained tepid until India and Pakistan took the stage for their opening matches. India began the tournament on a strong note with an eight-wicket victory over Ireland, while Pakistan faced a surprising defeat to the USA in a dramatic Super Over.

As both teams prepared for their highly anticipated clash amid a rain delay, Rohit Sharma’s antics during the toss stole the spotlight.

At the delayed toss at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, Ravi Shastri led the proceedings with Rohit Sharma, Babar Azam, and match referee David Boon.

Rohit, poised to toss the coin, momentarily seemed to have lost it, leaving Babar and Shastri puzzled. The brief guessing game ended when the 37-year-old found the coin in his pocket, allowing the ceremony to continue.

The incident not only elicited laughs from the toss officials and captains but also amused fans, who quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions to Rohit Sharma’s comical moment.


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