WATCH : Roston Chase’s athleticism sends Tilak Varma back to pavilion


Opting to bat first in the fourth match of the T20I series against West Indies, India notched up a total of 86/3 on the scoreboard by the conclusion of the initial 10 overs. Despite being at 17/2 at a certain juncture, the partnership between Tilak Varma and Suryakumar Yadav propelled them forward with a commendable 49-run alliance for the third wicket.

Tilak, who had already secured a half-century in the tournament, exhibited a continuation of his previous form. However, it was Roston Chase who exhibited a blend of athleticism and quick thinking to eliminate the batter, earning widespread acclaim.

During the eighth over of the innings, bowled by Chase, a full delivery on the off-stump was sent down. Tilak aimed to drive the ball towards long-off but ended up awkwardly jamming the bat down.

The contact caused the ball to strike the bat’s toe, resulting in a pop-up, and in response, Chase swiftly lunged to his right, completing an exquisite catch. Initially, there was speculation of a potential bump ball, but subsequent replays confirmed Chase’s sharp appeal and the consequent clear dismissal.

The incident didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users, who lauded Roston Chase for his exceptional fielding prowess in removing the in-form Tilak Varma from play.


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