WATCH: Shardul Thakur dismisses Jos Buttler with a fabulous delivery

Shardul Thakur has to be one of the most improved cricketer from last few years. His wicket taking ability is unreal and second to none, picks wicket from no where. What an addition he has been for the Indian team in all 3 formats of the game.

While England moving towards a lead over 100 Shardul Thakur picked back to back wickets and India back to game straight away, first he dismissed D Lawrence then dismissed the dangerous Jos Buttler in the same spell with a beautiful delivery. Jos Buttler completely misjudged the ball from Thakur. The ball pitched outside off kept coming back into the right handed and Jos Buttler completely misjudged it and left the ball and it hit the top of off-stump, dream delivery by Shardul Thakur here.

WATCH the video here:

While with a lead of 169 now with 4 wickets to go England are moving towards a good score and India might find it in difficult in the fourth innings.

The English Skipper Joe Root and Sam Curran currently on crease playing on 103* and 20* respectively. While 2 wickets for M Siraj, Shardul Thakur and J Bumrah for India.

The English Captain Joe Root scored his 21th century, what an innings by him. Surely one of the best knock of him in test cricket. He looked good and played positively from the start and continued the momentum. Important innings for him and England as they were struggling badly with the batting, also without Ben stokes and Root he partenered with young player and take the lead to 170+ with 4 wickets to go they are heading for a challenging total to challenge India.

Also India not has been great with the chase in fourth innings apart from Gabba in recent times.

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