WATCH : Sophie Devine’s Unfortunate Dismissal on 99 in WPL

Ashwani Kumari takes the catch as Kim Garth attempts to play a shot towards mid-off. Unfortunately, Garth did not make solid contact with the ball and expressed her disappointment with a quick ‘no.’ The ball was full and off, and Sophie Devine drove it with the intention of lifting it over mid-off.

However, a fielder positioned at the edge of the circle leapt up and held onto the catch, displaying great composure under pressure. As a result, Devine is applauded by her teammates as she walks off the field. Her innings was truly exceptional, even though she fell short of scoring a century.

What an incredible game and an outstanding chase by RCB! Chasing down a target of 188 is a daunting task under any circumstances, let alone when your survival in the competition is at stake and your net run rate needs improvement.

However, Sophie Devine walked out with an air of confidence and showed why she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her innings today was nothing short of extraordinary, as she mercilessly hammered the bowlers all around the ground.

Devine’s onslaught began with a 24-run second over against Gardner, followed by another big over off Tanuja Kanwar. RCB amassed an impressive 77 runs in the powerplay, and their skipper Mandhana also found her form again, adding further shine to their victory.

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