Yuvraj Singh compares India’s 2011 and 2023 World Cup teams


Former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh recently engaged in a discussion about the potential outcome if the 2003, 2011, and 2023 Indian World Cup teams were to compete in a tri-series. Yuvraj offered a light-hearted response, teasingly referring to star batsman Virat Kohli’s presence in the 2011 and 2023 squads.

In an interview with Sports Tak prior to the India vs. Australia final, Yuvraj Singh shared insights into the strengths of various Indian World Cup squads over the years, playfully commenting, “The 2011 and 2023 Indian teams would have quite the battle. It all depends on which team Virat is batting for (laughs). It hinges on various factors like fielding placements, the number of new balls in play, and the evolving rules across different eras. Nevertheless, the current team possesses several game-changers.”

Praising Virat Kohli’s milestone 50th ODI century against New Zealand in the semifinals, Yuvraj Singh also acknowledged Shreyas Iyer’s crucial role in propelling India towards a near 400-run mark.

“While Virat Kohli’s 50th ODI hundred was remarkable, I believe Shreyas Iyer’s contribution was pivotal in taking us close to 400 (397). The manner in which he scored a century off just 65 balls, displaying fearless batting, was the deciding factor in our semifinal victory. This aspect deserves recognition,” Yuvraj highlighted.

Expressing confidence in Virat Kohli’s fitness and his ability to convert fifties into hundreds consistently, Yuvraj Singh suggested that surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 international centuries might not be an insurmountable feat for the prolific batsman.

“I cannot say for sure if Virat will achieve it, but considering his fitness and remarkable conversion rate from fifties to centuries, he stands a good chance of scoring 100 hundreds,” Yuvraj remarked. “His incredible consistency in converting these opportunities is no easy feat.”

India is eagerly anticipating Virat Kohli’s potential 51st ODI century in the final against Australia in Ahmedabad on November 19, as it could significantly bolster their pursuit of the 2023 World Cup title.


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