Cricket Australia ranks CWC Jerseys of All Time, India’s orange kit gets 5th place


In anticipation of the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup in 2023, Cricket Australia has compiled a ranking of team jerseys from the tournament’s illustrious history. The fifth spot on this list is claimed by Team India’s orange kit, a unique attire worn only once during a match against England in the 2019 ODI World Cup.

Among the jerseys featured in this ranking, one finds the attire donned by the Men in Blue during the 2003 ODI World Cup. Australia’s 1999 kit secures the pinnacle of the list, adorned with stars along the sleeves and collar, making it a beloved icon in cricket history. It was during this World Cup that the Steve Waugh-led Australian side secured their second World Cup title.

Ranked second is Pakistan’s 1999 jersey, an eye-catching lime green ensemble featuring a prominent five-pointed star. Pakistan reached the final but finished as runners-up in the tournament.

Here is the ranking of the greatest men’s CWC jerseys according to Cricket Australia:

  1. Australia 1999: Renowned for its star-adorned design, this jersey holds a special place in cricket history, symbolizing Australia’s 1999 World Cup victory led by Steve Waugh.
  2. Pakistan 1999: The striking lime green jersey with a prominent five-pointed star was worn by the Pakistan team, who reached the finals as runners-up.
  3. England 2019: A departure from their traditional dark blue, England’s 2019 World Cup kit featured a lighter shade, and the Eoin Morgan-led team secured their first-ever World Cup win.
  4. Scotland 2015: Scotland’s jersey in the 2015 World Cup featured captivating shades of deep blue and purple, making it stand out.
  5. India 2019: Team India’s jersey featured a vibrant orange color, a striking contrast to their usual navy blue base. However, this jersey was worn only once during a crucial match against the hosts, England.
  6. South Africa 2003: For the 2003 World Cup hosted by South Africa, the team incorporated tiger stripes into their uniform.
  7. Pakistan 1992: In 1992, Pakistan players chose a bright green jersey instead of their customary dark green attire.
  8. Australia 2007: The Australian team sported an unconventional gold-and-bottle green combo, surprising cricket fans.
  9. Kenya 1999: Kenya’s 1999 kit combined a bright base color with a prominent image emblazoned front and center.
  10. New Zealand 2019: New Zealand players adopted a simple and sober look with black shirts featuring white collars in the 2019 ODI World Cup.

The list goes on to include jerseys from various other World Cup editions, each with its own unique charm and history.


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