Riyan Parag creates controversy through his tweet about Virat Kohli

Nineteen years young Indian all-rounder Riyan made himself known to the world with his breakthrough performance in IPL 2020-21 with his franchise Rajasthan Royals. He was constantly loved by the Indian fans irrespective of which club they supported, simply because of his wholeheartedness and transparency on and off the field. However, the youngster is on the verge of losing that image after getting involved in a controversy for his tweet about Virat Kohli that went crazy viral yesterday during the second test between India and England.

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We all know that Virat Kohli is a changed man now. The Indian skipper is not as aggressive on the pitch as he used to be during his younger days and is much more mature now. Many of the Indian fans miss the old Virat Kohli and Riyan Parag seemingly falls under that category. Yesterday he tweeted during the second test writing “Buttoned up and collar down Virat Kohli isn’t the same vibe ya.” What he meant to say was that Virat Kohli no longer has that aggression left in him and he probably missed that in him.

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However, twitterati twisted the narrative completely and started criticizing Riyan Parag for poking his nose in the Indian skipper’s personal matters. Many went up to the level of saying that Riyan Parag was downright disrespecting Virat Kohli indirectly by saying this. However, there were many fans who understood Riyan Parag’s statement and came out in his support.

Riyan Parag has not given any explanation to his tweet till now after it created the controversy. As of now, it has 9.1k likes and 650 retweets.

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