Shubman Gill Revealed His Crush in a Recent Interview

Shubman Gill’s bat is still ringing in Indian cricket. Whether it’s a Test, ODI, or T20 format, Shubman Gill is scoring runs in every format. Recently, after scoring two centuries in ODIs, he also scored a century in T20. With these two centuries, Shubman Gill’s career graph has skyrocketed.

Apart from his performances on the field, Gill is also making headlines on social media about his personal life. While rumors of Gill’s affair with Sara Tendulkar and Sara Ali Khan have been circulating, another character has now entered this story.

Recently, rumors circulated that during a media interview, Shubman Gill had said that Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna was his crush. An Instant Bollywood Instagram page shared a post claiming that Shubman Gill had referred to Rashmika Mandanna as his crush during a media interview. This news went viral on social media, and Rashmika’s fans are trending this news.

Shubman Gill also saw the news of him mentioning Rashmika Mandanna as his crush and commented on this post, trying to end the rumor. He wrote, “Which media interaction was this that I didn’t even know about?”

Shubhman Gill has commented on this false news and tried to make its truth public. However, there has been no reaction from film actress Rashmika Mandanna on this post. Gill’s comments and Rashmika’s silence have turned the news, which was being circulated on social media by associating it with Gill, into a rumor.

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