VIDEO : Birthday Boy Abhimanyu Mithun Claims Last Over Hat-Trick


Mithun to Shahrukh Khan, out Caught by Manish Pandey!! Another high-enough full toss, another mistime, and another Manish catch. It’s a pattern this. Shahrukh, instead of going over extra cover, decides to slap it down the ground. Doesn’t get the height, doesn’t keep it down, long-off’s diving in front.

Mithun to M Mohammed, out Caught by Devdutt Padikkal!! Keeps it wide, makes Mohammed stretch, going one-kneed on the slice. Again, it’s the usual trend – no timing, no control, no distance. Padikkal runs across, tumbles, and puts Mithun on a hat-trick.

Mithun to Murugan Ashwin, out Caught by Gowtham!! There. There. The first Karnataka bowler to get a hat-trick, on his birthday, against the arch enemy and on the biggest stage he could’ve found. Ashwin had to go after this, although it was a slower one off a length, he miscues his lofted slice, and extra cover runs backwards under it perfectly.

Here is the clip of that video:


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