VIDEO : Turning point of the Vijay Hazare Trophy Final

Gowtham to Shankar,¬†out¬†Aparajith Run Out!! 1 run completed. Turned to the left of mid-wicket, oh mix-up, sent back, Aparajith is in trouble. The bat bounced, although it crossed the crease. It didn’t touch any part of the pitch beyond the crease before bouncing, so the third ump gives the red signal. Absolutely needless stuff from Tamil Nadu and Shankar puts his head down immediately. Aparajith was well set and looking good.

He was ball-watching and always wanted two and didn’t Shankar putting his arm out to stop him and didn’t hear his loud cry as well. The second run was risky and Shankar didn’t want to take a chance with the misfield. Meanwhile elation in the blue camp, team-mates mob captain Pandey, who initially put in the dive at mid-wicket to half-stop and then quickly recovered to fire the throw to Rahul, the keeper.

Here is the clip of that video:

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