VIDEO : Controversial Run Out of MS Dhoni Vs RR

Kartik Tyagi to Dhoni, out Dhoni Run Out!! 1 run completed. Appeal for a run-out, MS was scampering back for the second. Has he made his ground? It looks tight, this looks OUT. He did slide his bat in, but did he get it past the crease when the bails lit up? No, says the third umpire – OUT, it is.

That’s a big blow for CSK – could make a difference of at least 10-15 runs. Casual from MS, don’t think he thought there was a second there, was casually ambling across for the first and then decides to take the second once Archer fumbled. He’s quick to recover and throws it at the right end, MS did push hard, but he was done in by the smallest of margins.

Here is the clip of that video:

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