VIDEO : Double Super Over Drama Between Mumbai & Punjab

Ball 6: Bumrah to Rahul, OUT, LBWplumb. Rahul wants to be innovative, so he tries and reverse-scooping, but Bumrah’s too quick, too dippy with his yorker and pinning him flush in front of middle on his boot .. 5/2. All out. MI need six runs to win the super over.

Ball 6: Shami to de Kock, ??, we’re still waiting. So Quinton’s squeezed this through the covers, under the diving fielder, and this time Quinton’s dive back for the second catches him short. 1 runRun-outAnother Super-Over. This one just won’t end. 5/1. Super-over 2.0 coming up!

Ball 6: Jordan to Pollard, 2 runs, oh Mayank. He’s at long-on, just the kind Pollard pumps over, but he leaps right at the edge and throws the ball back inside while still airborne. Just Mayank things .. 11/1

Ball 4: Boult to Agarwal, FOUR, finally. FINALLY. Agarwal redeems himself, thanks to Boult and yet another full toss that he makes room to and whips away into mid-wicket. Officially, match over, nearly five hours after we began. ODIs get over quicker. 15/0 – KXIP win Superover 2.0 with 2 balls to spare!

Here is the clip of that video:

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