VIDEO : Super Over Between KKR and SRH

SRH Innings:

BALL 1: Ferguson to Warner, bowled!! Ferguson continues to impress. A wicket off the first ball in the SuperOver. Length, nipped away a fraction after pitching. Warner made room and slashes but couldn’t make any contact. The LED stumps light up and Lockie is thrilled. What a start to KKR. SRH – 0 for 1

Ball 2: Ferguson to Samad, 2 runs, back of a length, Samad mistimes it down the ground and they will charge back for the second. A direct-hit at the bowler’s end and Bairstow would’ve been gone. SRH – 2 for 1

Ball 3: Ferguson to Samad, bowled!! It’s all over for SRH. Lockie just kept it simple; full and at the stumps, Samad swings blindly and gets nowhere near the ball. SRH 2 for 2


KKR Innings:

Ball 1: Rashid Khan to Morgan, no run, full and drifting away outside off, Morgan goes for the reverse sweep and hits it straight to backward point. There was a temptation to go for the single but the duo decide against it KKR – 0 for 0

Ball 2: Rashid to Morgan, 1 run, flighted on off, Morgan kneels down and sweeps it along the ground to deep mid-wicket. Just a single. KKR – 1 for 0

Ball 3: Rashid Khan to DK, no run, pushed through quicker on middle and leg, DK strides across and pushes it towards mid-on. KKR – 1 for 0

Ball 4: Rashid Khan to DK, leg byes, 2 runs. All over for SRH. This was the quicker googly from Rashid, DK misses the flick but manages to steal a couple of leg byes as the ball deflects wide of the fielder at short square. A better effort from the fielder (Sandeep Sharma) would have made things interesting, but wasn’t to be. KKR win the superover and continue to fight for a spot in the playoffs. This is KKR’s first win in the superover and what better game to get that


Here is the clip of Super Over:

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