WATCH: Ben Stokes forces a delivery to be re-bowled: Karma hits back moments later

Ben Stokes is one of the most decorated all-rounders of recent times and definitely the face of England cricket as of now. However, his luck is not that great when it comes to making it to the headlines. Either he makes it for something very great indeed, or something absolutely silly. There’s no in between. And that is what happened in a recently played match of ‘The Hundred, wherein Ben Stokes got trolled on social media for the wrong reason. The Hundred is a professional franchise 100-ball cricket tournament involving eight men’s and women’s teams located in major cities across England and Wales.

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In the match in concern, Ben Stokes was a part of the fielding side when the incident took place. Alex Hales was on strike from the batting side and he was facing ENglish spinner Adil Rashid. On a specific delivery, Alex Hales took a single and was content with that. However, a pitch-intruder invaded the field that very moment and had to be escorted out. That was what compelled Ben Stokes to ask for the shot to be re-taken.

He wanted the delivery to be re-bowled and started complaining to the umpire after that very incident. After a slight argument, the Umpire agreed and the delivery was bowled once again.

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Alex Hales was rather unhappy when he went back to the crease waiting for Adil Rashid to bowl again, and so were the English fans who started booing.

However, Karma striked back and Alex Hales hit the ball high up this time. And coincidentally, the ball was directed towards England international Ben Stokes. He had every opportunity to catch but dropped it abruptly and it went out for a six. The whole crowd started shouting and it was a disrespectful moment for the english all-rounder.

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