WATCH: Fabian Allen takes an incredible Boundary-line catch to dismiss Liam Livingstone

Rajasthan Royals have been off to a brilliant start in their first match of the return leg of IPL 2021 as they play against the mighty Punjab Kings. In the match being played in the Dubai International stadium, Punjab Kings won the toss and opted to bat first. But the Rajasthan batsmen were quick enough to turn their decision against them with an incredible start.

Credit must be given to their two openers Evin Lewis and Yashasvi Jaiswal who gave them a dream start. This article, however, does not aim at praising the Rajasthan Royals batsmen. It instead aims ar praising the one incredible moment that occured on the field from the side of Punjab Kings – the catch of Fabian Allen.

Rajasthan Royals batsman Liam Livingstone has had an extraordinary season at the Hundred and coming in to IPL, a similar performance was expected from him. And he was living up to the expectation with a brilliant start. However, out of nowhere Punjab Kings fielder Fabian Allen pulled off the unthinkable.

Trying to save a catch which was initially thought to be going for a six by everyone, was brilliantly turned into a catch by him. He efficiently threw himself towards the ball just as it was going to cross the boundary and caught it with both hands mid-air. Even Liam Livingstone was shocked !

The umpire had to check whether the catch was clean though but the third umpire got no suspicious element in the check and the catch stood. The commentators and even the fans broke down in praise of the new Punjab Kings player.

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