WATCH: Father dismisses Son in a Charity match and pulls off an Awesome celebration


Father dismisses sone in Charity Match: Cricket is a game full of emotions and we exude our raw emotions when we reach a milestone or complete some achievements in between the game – like picking up a wicket or a fifer, or scoring a fifty or a century. The targets or goals might be different for different people and the way of portraying their feelings are also different. Therefore, different players have different celebrations.

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Due to this very reason, famous players have a particular signature celebration to their name which they enact after reaching a milestone or doing something extraordinary. This however, is more prevalent in football. The celebration of Lionel Messi pointing up at the sky with both his fingers to remember his Grandma Celia and Cristiano Ronaldo’s swirling jump with the “Suiii” have become household names already. Cricket celebrations are not that famous and players keep changing them but still sometimes players celebrate in such a way that it becomes viral and is celebrated for times to come. For example, Sourav Ganguly’s shirt swirling celebration after winning the Lord’s match is an iconic celebration in the game of Cricket.

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Something similar and special occurred during a Charity match in the UK very recently. The match saw a father and a son some face to face while playing for opposition teams. It resulted in the father stunning the son with a peach delivery. The dad could not control his emotions after picking up the wicket and he pulled off what is being called by the viewers “the best celebration ever’.

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