WATCH : Hardik Pandya Strikes Twice in 3rd ODI Against Australia

Head falls to Kuldeep Yadav’s caught-out delivery! The bowling change proves to be effective for India as Hardik Pandya departs. Despite a dropped catch earlier in the over, the hosts are not penalized. Yadav delivers a back of a length ball that angles across Head.

Head takes the bait and slices it over backward point, failing to keep it low with protection in the deep. Yadav stoops low and grabs it securely, ending a decent innings from Head, who will regret not turning it into a more significant one.

Smith falls to Pandya’s delivery, caught out by Rahul! Pandya is ecstatic and turning the game around for India. This marks Pandya’s second wicket in his second over, and his fifth time dismissing Smith in ODIs. Pandya charges in and pitches it just outside off on a length that invites a drive.

Smith goes for a forceful drive but plays it too far from his body, resulting in a thick outside edge. Rahul, stationed behind the stumps, makes no mistake in grabbing it. The Indian team’s spirits have soared with this wicket.

Australia made a smooth start, which was a cause for concern for India. However, the entry of Hardik Pandya into the attack completely turned the game around. Pandya altered his pace and the line and length of his deliveries to keep the batsmen guessing. He first dismissed Head before luring Smith into a trap with a delivery outside off. It is an unusual position for Warner to come in to bat at number four.

Australia will be hoping for Marsh to continue his good form and for Warner to deliver a solid performance. The pitch has displayed a bit of unpredictability, with some deliveries sticking while others skid through. It will be an intriguing phase of play to observe the Indian spinners in action.

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