WATCH: Jarvo 69 returns as a bowler in the 4th test between India and England

Jarvo 69 has done it again. It is kind of getting annoying now how the English fan of team India is invading into the fields during the test matches. He has done it for the third consecutive time today on Day 2 of the 4th test between India and England. He did it before in the second and third matches as well.

It started during the second test match at Lord’s, the one which Team India won to create history. Jarvo 69, an Englishman who claimed to be a fan of team India, broke into the ground wearing a jersey of Team India and pretended to be a player of the Indian contingent. Although the stewards were quick to escort him out of the field, the damage was done and he got what he wanted – Spotlight.

It was later revealed that Jarvo 69 was a prankster by profession who had a youtube channel as well. He did and shot pranks like this for fun and views. When Jarvo made headlines after pulling off the hilarious act in the second test, he repeated it again in the third test at the Headingley stadium. This time, he came in, padded up and ready as a batsman to bat for team India. Once again he was removed from the field moments after he entered and as he tried to resist the stewards, a lifetime ban was imposed upon him by the Headingley stadium.

It was all fine till then but the prankster had the guts to repeat the same in the fourth test as well and it was now too much to take. This time he came in as a bowler with a ball in his hand. When India was bowling, he ran into the field and threw the ball at the batsman. On his way, he even collided with the English batsman at the non-striker’s end. Jarvo 69 might have to pay severe consequences for his actions this time.

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