WATCH : Mohammad Rizwan succumbed to an embarrassing run-out after getting set against Nepal


Opting to bat first in the Asia Cup opener against Nepal in Multan on Wednesday, Pakistan failed to capitalize on their opportunities due to a pitch that offered little advantage to the bowlers. The hosts had only themselves to hold responsible as they lost two wickets to run-outs by the halfway point of the match.

Of note was the second instance involving Mohammad Rizwan, who, despite being well-established at the crease, exhibited a lapse in basic running-between-the-wickets skills, leading to his dismissal. This incident unfolded during the 24th over’s fourth delivery, with the partnership between captain Babar Azam and Rizwan having reached an impressive 86 runs for the third wicket.

Rizwan, batting at 44, delicately guided a slow delivery from Sandeep Lamichhane to the covers and hurried to complete a swift single. Fielder Dipendra Singh Airee displayed remarkable alertness by promptly retrieving the ball and accurately hurling it towards the stumps at the non-striker’s end.

Although the impact of the ball hitting the stumps was audible, Rizwan initially seemed to have comfortably grounded his foot within the crease. Upon review, it became apparent that while Rizwan was indeed well-positioned to complete the run, he inadvertently dragged himself back slightly to evade the ball’s trajectory from the cover fielder.

In doing so, he failed to extend his foot or bat beyond the crease’s line. Consequently, he fell a few inches short of the crease, resulting in his dismissal. This turn of events left Babar visibly frustrated, evident as he angrily flung his cap to the ground. On social media, Twitter users unleashed a barrage of criticism towards Rizwan’s amateur mistake, filling platforms with their reactions.


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