WATCH : Pujara serves Rohit with 78-meter six upon captain’s command to go big


At the time of writing, the third Test between India and Australia was a highly competitive match, with the hosts leading by 75 runs and only one wicket remaining in their second innings. Cheteshwar Pujara played a pivotal role in preventing a potential innings collapse and keeping India in the game with his half-century.

Despite his reputation for a defensive style of play, Pujara hit five boundaries and even smashed a maximum, which brought a smile to Rohit Sharma’s face.

During the 54th over of the innings, Rohit Sharma appeared frustrated with Pujara’s approach, and he was caught on camera telling Ishan Kishan that he wanted both batters to play more aggressively instead of blocking deliveries.

This message was relayed to Pujara, who responded by stepping down the wicket and hitting Nathan Lyon’s third ball of the over over midwicket for a boundary. Rohit was delighted with the execution of his message and was seen beaming with a big smile on the big screens.

Pujara’s selfless performance and teamwork were praised on Twitter, with many expressing their admiration for his efforts.


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