WATCH: Ravindra Jadeja picks up the big wicket of set batsman Haseeb Hameed

Ravindra Jadeja has picked up the big wicket on Day 5 of the ongoing Test between India and England. He earlier came close to doing the same in the first half of the game but an easy catch drop by Indian pacer Mohammad Siraj denied him. This is India’s 3rd wicket of the day and they are now 7 wickets away from victory. However, only 57 overs are left and India have to pull off something miraculous within those remaining overs to fulfil their hopes of winning the match and thus cementing a 2-1 lead over England in the series.

Ravindra Jadeja came in to bowl the 61st over and faced England’s set batsman Haseeb Hameed. Oval’s pitch has always favoured the spinners in the match by providing the extra spin and that was what helped Ravindra Jadeja. He produced an insane spin which totally confused Haseeb Hameed who tried to play it towards mid-on but missed blatantly. The bowl curved outside missing the edge by whiskers and hit the off stump. Haseeb Hameed thus got clean bowled by Ravindra Jadeja.

England batsman Joe Root now remains the only batsman who can single-handedly turn the match around in England’s favour, but apart from him, all of the other key players of the hosts have departed. If India can now somehow take care of the English captain, they are clear contenders to win the match and the ball is in their court.

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