WATCH: Shardul Thakur dismisses Joe Root as India inch closer to victory

Shardul Thakur has picked up his second wicket of the night in the form of England captain Joe Root and this, India has certainly bagged the fourth test decisively. At one point it seemed as though the test was going to be tied but the way the Indian bowlers turned things around, is indeed commendable.

It must be said that Joe Root gave away his wicket pretty cheaply. Shardul Thakur has just returned to bowl his spell in the 80th over and on the very first delivery, the pacer picked up the big wicket of the England captain. Root looked sloppy and he gave away an inside edge that ultimately hit the wickets and England’s last hope at tying the test somehow had to depart.

India now need just 3 wickets to win the match and victory seems inevitable. The visitors have 38 overs in hand and England have only their tailenders left. England need 175 runs to win, which seems totally impossible lest a miracle should occur.

This is 1st time, Root got bowled out in 3 Consecutive Test Innings to Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah respectively.

With this win, India will have taken a firm lead of 2-1 in the ongoing test series and will just need a draw in the last test to register an emphatic win in England.

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