Yuvraj Singh Clears Yo-Yo Fitness Test


The team India’s all-rounder Yuvraj Singh cleared the Yo-Yo Fitness test after practicing very hard at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) skipping Ranji Trophy matches. After the Test Yuvraj Singh is very happy.

He said,”I am still playing. I don’t know what format I am going to play. But I am pushing everyday as hard as I used to, may be harder than before because I am getting older. And I see myself playing cricket till 2019 and obviously take a call after that.”

“So I still believe in myself. As I said I don’t know how many people believe in me but I do believe in myself. I would like to tell that I am failing. I still fail. I failed the last three fitness tests but yesterday I passed my fitness test. After 17 years I am still failing,” he added.

“I am not afraid of failure. I have gone through ups and downs. I have seen defeat and that’s what’s the pillar of success.”

“To be a successful man, to be a successful person in your life, you need failure and you’ve got to be defeated. That will make you a stronger person and it will take you to the next level,” Yuvraj told.



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