BREAKING: Jarvo 69 has been arrested after invading the ground for a third consecutive time

Prankster Jarvo 69 has been arrested on suspicion of assault. The news comes hours after his third successful attempt at invading into the ground during the ongoing India vs England test series.

It all started during the second test at Lord’s when the infamous prankster invaded the pitch shortly after the lunch break dressed as a player of Team India pretending to be a player. He was escorted by the stewards of the ground and the fans used the opportunity to have a great laugh. Jarvo became an internet sensation overnight and famous news media sites started interviewing him.

It was then revealed that he was actually a prankster with a youtube channel. He made videos of his acts and uploaded it on the platform to gain views and popularity. It was all good until then but Jarvo decided to take it a step further.

He thus repeated his act in the third test as well and this time he came dressed as a batsman. He was once again escorted out but this time he got a severe punishment. Headingley cricket ground banned Jarvo for a lifetime and their decision was irreversible.

Jarvo did not stop there and he came in as a bowler in the fourth test as well. He made a big mistake this time though. While running in to throw the ball at the batsman, Jarvo unknowingly collided with the English batsman at the non-striker’s end and caused a bit of chaos on the ground. Netizens went crazy on the internet saying that he had crossed his limit this time. Many are of the opinion that it was the push that caused him to get arrested.

More updates will be coming soon…

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