WATCH: Rory Burns drops Rohit Sharma’s catch: Turning point of the 4th Test?

Day 2 of the ongoing 4th test match between India and England has been a totally thrilling encounter between the two heavyweights of the longest format in the game. An exciting potboiler day in the game of test is very rarely seen and today was one such special occasion. The momentum kept on shifting between the two sides in every session and no team could be called the clear favourites. However, an error that English batsman Rory Burns made while fielding might as well cost England the match.

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Indian batsman Rohit Sharma has been in top-notch form in the series so far. So much so that he even overtook indian skipper Virat Kohli in the ICC test rankings, thanks to his brilliant performance in this series. One of the very best batsmen in the Indian test batting unit as of now, Rohit Sharma is the one batsman that the English batsman must be most afraid of. So if you miss the catch of such an awesome batsman, it will take him moments to turn it into the biggest mistake in your life. Rory Burns did something exactly similar.

While fielding at slip, Rory Burns got the chance of dismissing Rohit Sharma who edged the ball cheaply, playing a misjudged shot. Rory Burns, however, dropped the catch vaguely as he misjudged the edge. Moreover, it also went for a four A mistake like this might cost England the entire match. As of now Rohit Sharma has scored 20 runs in this innings and he might very well play another long-lasting knock.

Ofcourse, thanks to the lifeline that Rory Burns provided him.

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