ICC demands pace-friendly pitches from Indian curators


India is set to be the host country for the ICC ODI World Cup in 2023, scheduled for October-November. Dew conditions are expected to be significant during this tournament. According to reports, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has requested the Indian groundsmen to prepare pitches favoring pace, with the aim of minimizing the influence of the coin toss in this prestigious event.

As per insider information, the ICC has advised ground curators to retain a significant amount of grass on the pitches. This strategy aims to maintain the relevance of seam bowlers throughout the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 and reduce the impact of the toss on match outcomes.

“Venues located in northern, western, and eastern Indian states are expected to experience substantial dew during this season. Matches in Chennai and possibly Bengaluru may encounter significant rainfall. The primary objective is to minimize the influence of the coin toss,” revealed a source to TOI.

“Dew significantly affects the effectiveness of spin bowlers. By maintaining more grass on the pitches, teams won’t rely as heavily on spinners. This approach also promotes the creation of fair playing surfaces. Moreover, ODI matches don’t necessarily require exceptionally high scores to be captivating,” the source elaborated.

“The regulations stipulate a minimum boundary size of 65 meters and a maximum of 85 meters for international matches. Many of the older venues feature boundaries spanning approximately 70-75 meters. It has been proposed to maintain boundaries at a distance greater than 70 meters during the World Cup,” revealed the source regarding boundary sizes.

“Furthermore, the Indian cricket board (BCCI) has instructed curators to exclusively use a wetting agent that complies with the standards set by the board and ICC. While most venues currently employ similar wetting agents, the board’s directive mandates the use of the prescribed wetting agent without exception,” the source added.


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