Is Deepak Chahar dating this Bollywood star’s sister? Know everything about the couple

Deepak Chahar
Deepak Chahar is dating this Bollywood star’s sister?

Deepak Chahar is set to marry soon: Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the world and hands down the most favourite and most followed sport in India. Cricket players are often treated like Bollywood stars in our nation with the fans always interested in both the on-field and off-field gossip about their favourite Cricketers. And the most obvious question that comes to the mind of every fan, is who their favourite Cricketer is dating.

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While some players prefer to keep their personal life away from the paparazzi and try to talk only about their on-field life in the media, some other players are quite frank and open about their personal life as well. Moreover, the Indian cricket fraternity is coming very close to Bollywood in a way that we are seeing many Cricketers dating actresses from the Bollywood. Not many days ago, two of the biggest stars of Cricket and Bollywood, namely Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma married each other after dating for several years and they have now given birth to a baby girl. There are several other stories of Cricket and Bollywood stars dating and there has been an addition to that list.

According to reports, Indian cricketer Deepak Chahar is dating Big Boss fame Sidharth Bhardwaj’s sister Jaya Bhardwaj. Although she is not a Bollywood star, she is closely linked to the Film industry through her brother. She herself works at a corporate firm.

According to reports, Deepak Chahar and Jaya Bhardwaj are very serious about each other and Jaya will also travel to UAE with Deepak Chahar for the second phase of IPL 2021. Following the footsteps of his teammates Hardik Pandya and Yuzvendra Chahal, Deepak Chahar has also decided to be done with his marriage as soon as possible.


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