VIDEO : Sir Jedeja Punished Abbott 18 Runs in 4 Balls

Abbott to Jadeja, FOUR, wonderful thinking from Jadeja. Square leg is in, he knew it would be full outside off. So walks across his stumps, stays low and hacks it over the fielder’s head

Abbott to Jadeja, FOUR, consecutive fours for Jadeja. Jadeja toying the bowler as Abbott corrected his length and digs it short. Jadeja rocks back, adjusts to the extra bounce and pulls it wide of the deep mid-wicket fielder

Abbott to Jadeja, FOUR, hat-trick of fours to bring up a 43-ball half-century for Jadeja. There comes the sword celebration. What a knock this is turning out to be from the southpaw. Abbott still went with the short stuff outside off, Jadeja rides the bounce and flays it over short third man

Abbott to Jadeja, SIX, Abbott is under the pump. Searching for answers still. 18 from the last four balls. Not sure why he’s sticking to the short delivery, the boundary is a bit shorter on the leg-side for Jadeja. He goes deep, gets into a strong position and smokes it into the stands at deep mid-wicket

Here is the clip of that video:

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