WATCH: KL Rahul gets hit on the helmet by Josh Hazlewood

Pacers targeting the helmet of the batsmen is a pretty common scene in the game of cricket but they never tend to do any harm to them. It is just a means of establishing dominance against the batsman so that the latter is afraid to play big shots and especially, the pull shot. The bowler can thus annoy them with as many bouncers as they want. However, when on some occasions the batsmen suffer some serious injury due to the same, it is an unfortunate incident and even the bowlers do not want that to happen. The same could have happened with Punjab Kings captain KL Rahul but he was luckily saved as it was not so serious.

Punjab Kings are currently taking on Chennai Super Kings, who are currently placed on no.2 on the league table. Punjab have lost their hopes of qualifying to the playoffs but they can very much upset the mighty Super Kings by defeating them on their final match of the league stage.

And they have done pretty decently so far as they are on the verge of winning the match. After a convincing first innings performance by the bowlers of Punjab Kings, their batsmen did not let them down and they kept the momentum going.

However, during the second innings was when the alarming incident of KL Rahul being hit on the helmet by a sharp bouncer by Josh Hazlewood. He was pretty much moved by the hit as he had to remove his helmet to check it. The CSK players also seemed pretty concerned and they all went up to KL Rahul to check on him.

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