VIDEO : Mujeeb’s Special Ball to Bowled Out Pant

Mujeeb to Pant, out Bowled!! Through ‘im! Carrom ball from round the wicket this, and it spins in to cleave Pant into two. He’s trying to clip it through mid-wicket, doesn’t have his head around this variation (or Mujeeb’s stock ball?) and succumbs. Here is the clip of that video: — Cricket Chamber (@cricketchamber) April 24, 2018

VIDEO : Match Winning Catch By Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Dwayne Bravo to Williamson, out Caught by Jadeja!! Taken. Taken, taken, taken. It’s a brilliant catch from Jadeja, sprinting forward from long-on and diving in front with two hands. Oh Williamson. He’s done in by this slower ball. Back of length from Bravo, the ball stops on Williamson who miscues his flat-batted swipe off the splice. Bravo […]

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