VIDEO : Jason Roy’s Stunning Catch of Vohra

Maxwell to Vohra, out Caught by Roy!! Roy almost makes a mess of this at long leg, but he’s recovered fantastically to take a superb low catch diving forward. They’ve referred it upstairs, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Clean catch. His fingers are underneath it. The Englishman initially misjudged this top-edged sweep from Vohra, stalled in […]

VIDEO : Winning Six By Gayle Like a Boss

Tom Curran to Gayle, SIX, that’s in the airrr, mistimed, the fielder jumps and it just escapes him. So that’s the game for KXIP. They top the points table. Fittingly Gayle hits the winning shot. Length ball, Gayle went for the loft straight, long-on ran to his right and jumped but couldn’t get a hand on it. Here […]

VIDEO : Unfortunate Run Out of Nitish Rana

Mujeeb to Nitish Rana, out Nitish Rana Run Out!! Oh, what happened there? KKR have gifted a wicket away to the visitors. Hare-brained running from the duo. Complete break in communication results in a run-out. Flatter outside off, Rana went back and laced the cut to backward point. Rana set off without even looking at his partner. […]

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