Matthew Hayden wants to include this Indian player in the Australian team


Jasprit Bumrah, the swift bowler representing the Indian cricket team, boasts a global fan base that spans across continents. Within this array of admirers, one can find not only regular cricket enthusiasts but also revered players of yesteryears from around the globe.

This collective admiration stems from Bumrah’s menacing bowling prowess, earning him the moniker “Yorker King,” particularly renowned for his death-over deliveries that leave batsmen daunted. It matters not whether he’s facing a fledgling talent or a seasoned veteran; all are humbled before Bumrah’s might on the pitch.

This is precisely why Jasprit Bumrah holds the distinction of being India’s preeminent and most dependable asset in significant tournaments. His role is poised to be pivotal in the forthcoming World Cup. Meanwhile, former Australian batting stalwart Matthew Hayden has expressed a remarkable sentiment regarding Bumrah.

Matthew Hayden, an illustrious figure on the Australian cricketing scene, has openly stated that if he were to handpick a player from the Indian contingent for Australia’s World Cup 2023 campaign, it would undoubtedly be Jasprit Bumrah. Hayden’s batting prowess was so formidable that hardly any bowler could challenge him. Thus, when such a distinguished batsman lauds Bumrah and contemplates the idea of recruiting him for Australia’s World Cup bid, it speaks volumes of the bowler’s extraordinary caliber.

The past year has been a trying one for Jasprit Bumrah. His absence from the cricketing arena, owing to a back injury, resulted in him missing out on significant events such as the Asia Cup 2022, T20 World Cup 2022, Border-Gavaskar Trophy, and WTC final. However, after an 11-month hiatus, Bumrah has orchestrated a remarkable resurgence.

Entrusted with captaincy responsibilities during the T20 series against Ireland, he has exhibited excellent bowling form in the initial matches, all the while displaying his regained fitness. Anticipations are high for his upcoming performances in the Asia Cup.

Jasprit Bumrah hasn’t merely been a premier fast bowler for the Indian squad from the inception of his career; he has also solidified his standing among the finest fast bowlers worldwide. Bumrah’s illustrious career spans 30 Test matches, 72 ODIs, and 62 T20s. Throughout these formats, he has accumulated a notable tally of 128 wickets in Tests, 121 wickets in ODIs, and 74 wickets in T20s.


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