WATCH: Hasan Ali makes a huge error in the First T20 between Pakistan and West Indies; Gets trolled on Social Media

Pakistani pacer Hasan Ali made a huge mistake which might have cost them the first T20 match against West Indies last night. The two cricketing giants are currently playing a 4-match T20 series and last night, the first of those 4 matches was being played at the Kensington Oval, Barbados. The match ended without a decision due to heavy rain midway during West Indies’ innings but had it been played the full length, Pakistan might have paid the price of Hasan Ali’s blunder. The pacer got trolled vigorously on twitter due to his mistake even the cricket analysts had only harsh words for his performance.

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Having won the toss, Pakistan opted to field first and it was a wise decision indeed seeing the condition of the pitch. The Windies lost a couple of early wickets and were unnerved by the Pak bowling attack in the initial phases of the game. It was Kieron Pollard who started to bring some momentum in the game. He played an unbeaten knock of 22 off 9 but had to stop due to the rain.

However, Kieron Pollard wouldn’t have had the opportunity of becoming so lethal had it not been for Hasan Ali’s missed opportunity. On the second delivery of the seventh over, Kieron Pollard tried taking a single but fell short by yards as the Pakistani fielder came up with a bullet throw. Hasan Ali, who was guarding the wicket to run Pollard out, somehow made an error in receiving the ball as it slipped out of his hands. Kieron Pollard then reached the other end comfortably.

The game got called off moments later, but if it were to carry on and if Pakistan were to lose, Hasan Ali would’ve received a big portion of the criticism.

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