WATCH: Jarvo enters the field again with helmet on to bat for Team India

Jarvo has done it again! The infamous ‘English’ team India fan who entered the ground during the Lord’s test, dressed as a team India fan and pretended to be a player of Team India, has repeated the same task miraculously! And that too back to back in two tests ! It was on Day of the second test that he sneaked into the Lord’s stadium and on this occasion, he did so on Day 3 of the third test. Quite a consistent prankster indeed !

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The fan named Jarvo, is actually a full time prankster and owns a Prank channel on Youtube. He earns millions of views on his videos and his fans love his pranks. It is they that suggest ideas for his next videos in the comments section. That is why he did the prank in the Lord’s test to begin with. But that video blew up and he became an internet sensation in no time. Media outlets started interviewing him and he started getting clout.

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Probably it was then that he decided that he needed to do it again. So he did ! This time however, he was more prepared. He entered the field with helmet on, ready to bat for Team India. However, he was escorted out of the field soon, denying him the opportunity.

Once again, the fans loved it. Obviously, a moment of comic relief in between a serious match like this, is always welcome. It is now to see, whether he can repeat the same in the remaining two matches as well

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